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Is the idea of a "god" inherent in our minds? posted 02 September 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionIs the idea of a "god" inherent in our minds? by Scarred, Candidate

I think that humans are predisposed to believing in a God, or at least some sort of higher authority. We, as people, yearn for a reason to exist, a purpose so to speak. Without something higher than us, we have nothing to act for, we effectively have no hope for anything past what we can see. If we didnt believe in God, we would think that once we died, there's nothing for us. That could either be a motivating though, or a depressing one. For those who need a purpose, and something to hope for, the thought of a God is comforting, and motivates those peopel to do their best in this world, so that they may reach paradise in the next. view post


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