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Idea: Writing Competition posted 01 September 2004 in Member Written WorksIdea: Writing Competition by Scarred, Candidate

As a way to draw interest to this forum, and the site in general, I think that having weekly, or biweekly (or monthly, whatever) writing competions would be a very effective way to do so, as well as have soem fun and stir up soem friendly competition. I know that works of writing are sometimes difficult to compare, but itd be a fun thing to do. If not necessarily write stories, then poems or short stories or something like that.

All entrants would be required to vote for all the other works, possibly ranking them from best to worst, and the winner can pick a theme, or a scene that must be used by all entrants in the next competition as a way to provide incentive to win.

Anyways, I probably have no say here, (being a n00b) but I really think that it would be a lot of fun, and have more people involved. Please post any comments, and say if you think such a thing would work.

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