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On The Warrior Prophet posted 13 February 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionOn The Warrior Prophet by Shael, Commoner

Let me join in the fun. I think this topic is really interesting. Let me throw something out there.

I am a Christian, but i'd like to talk about atheism, because it is an interesting concept. If God does not exist then that means that science is the only thing that governs the universe. Because we live in the universe, our lives must be a product of science. If you've ever taken science in school, you'll realize that biology is really just a form of chemistry, which is a form of physics, which is math, which is all a bunch of numbers and variables.

That would mean life is really just a bunch of numbers. The interesting thing about this is that if we knew exactly how the universe began, then we would have all of the variables for how the universe works, and could predict the future exactly. Obviously this is impossible for us to do, but its just a fun little theory. view post


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