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Mandate spies? posted 19 August 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeMandate spies? by anor277, Didact

I don’t think it necessarily follows that should a Mandati descend into madness he should betray a past and present trust. For the schoolmen of the modern Mandate, the most stinging jibe laid against them was their prating of the “return of Mog”, apparently a tale told to scare children in the modern Three Seas. Why should a Mandati, covertly approached by a Consult agent, betray himself and his school (and the formidable Seswatha) when finally given evidence that the Mandate’s vigil, unappreciated and ridiculed by the rest of the Three Seas, had in fact been worth keeping? Witness Achamian’s stunned elation at the end of the novel when he uncovers the Consult spies view post


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