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Format? posted 11 August 2004 in RPG DiscussionFormat? by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I agree that a D&D type text would be fun, but it would require imagination between DM's and players and the game itself. Yes, graphics engines do limit gameplay, or rather limit complexity and CAN limit roleplayability..

(I'm on a Ragnarok Online Kick) But take RO as an example, that game is based in a world, where it is non-linear, you can creat guilds, and parties for massive player interaction, there are quests to learn sub-skills (skills not included in the general player skill sets per class) which creates awesome hours of play just to get those, there are PvP tournaments (player versus player) like gladiatorial combat, its just massive funn ( i like spelling fun with two n' wierd)

I agree I would be interested in helping with either I suppose. but first and foremost, a name.

Like "Earwa Online" or "The Three Seas" or something view post


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