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Fight! Fight! Fight! posted 10 August 2004 in Author Q & AFight! Fight! Fight! by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I must say Mr. Bakker, that I've read a lot of works, with battle scenes, and to be brutally honest...everything pales in comparrison to your style.

The way that in the end of WP when the the men of the Tusk are mere skeletons, yet rout the Kianene merely with their fanatisicm....(and need to eat), it was just incredible. Truly, I salute you. I was beginning to wonder if fantasy novels would ever appeal to me again, then I found your works, and BAAAAMMMM I didn't put them down.

Ahh the way Akka blasted those Scarlets in the Library, or even the little doll killing that cat...oh it was intense! view post


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