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Best character posted 09 August 2004 in The Darkness That Comes BeforeBest character by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

I guess I'm going to have to go against everyone here and say my favorite character is Nersei Proyas.

Here's why -

Proyas, to me, seems to be that kid who is so consumed with needing to fit his role that he refuses to accept his lifelong friends, merely because they don't conform to what he thinks he has to be like (i.e. he religious devotion and Akka..clearly not so much). He just seemed to have this air about him when I read that I found really intruiging. He fights with himself so much, on one hand he hates Akka for being a sorcerer, but he loves him because he was his tutor and his close friend. Unfortunately in The Darkness, Proyas is not 100% able to overcome this gap, which makes you wait to see if he can bridge it. I just like seeing a character grow and develop and become worldly from a closed mind, I just really like him.. plus he has that whole "Mess with me and I'll kick your ass" attitude, gotta love it. view post


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