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Kellhus, Achamiam, and Emotion posted 08 August 2004 in The Warrior ProphetKellhus, Achamiam, and Emotion by JustifiedHeretic, Peralogue

For myself with Characters and relations I was stuck.

Akka - Can be easily related to, has that low self confidence factor that plays a huge part of us getting to like him, then when he escapes and Seswatha has kind of takne over him per say, I think he becomes such a stronger character when he reaches towards his potentials. He losses emotion towards Zin, towards Caring about Proyas, he just wants to see Esmi, which inevitably leads to more pain, worse then the torture by the Scarlet Spires, so I am hoping this leads to a showdown between him and Kellhus, cuz I ahve got my money on Akka.

Proyas - Who could forget about lovable Proyas....uhh..yah. He was always my favorite Character because he SEEMS like he is suffering so much inwardly that he is a religous zealot on the out. We know who truly cares for Akka and Zin as is seen when he sees Zin again and he sees Esmi in bed with Kellhus. It is unfortunate however that due to his standing he cares more about his appearance in his religion that his friend, We must remember Akka has never once, ever, remarked about Inri Sejenus, yet Proyas constantly harasses Akka on being a socerer. To me that was a test of their friendship, although Proyas asked for forgiveness for being a fool ( as he finally comes to realize how blinded he has been) Akka rightfully declines to forgive but it can be seen that their bond has grown, which will play an important role in times to come Im thinking. Proyas seems to go through that Needs to be Accepted phase, where he needs to be accepted by Akka as a student, then find his faith and needs to be accepted (and the best I might add) in his faith. I think Zin losing his eyes and Akka surviving truly help open Proyass eyes to his true friends and his true self. Which is why I like him so much.

Zin - Zin was always my second favorite character because I could relate myself to him so much, and his resemblances to Proyas. After his tortue however, I can only feel pity for this shell of a once great man when I read about him. It is unfortunate, because the character he was was such a strong character.

Martemus - Ièll miss him and his practical ways. I really liked him and the way he was divided by what he thought was his faith (really seduced by Kellhuss words) and his commander (Conphas). This is truly seen when he says he would die to defence the concubine (The Nansur Standard, bue to Habit) but is then found hovering over Conphas waiting to kill him. Unfortunately however he is kiulled, which really sucked because he wa s agreat character.

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