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The Judging Eye posted 24 January 2008 in The Judging EyeThe Judging Eye by Nerdanel, Peralogue

I think Kellhus is showing every indication of becoming a Dark Lord in the vein of Sauron.

Also, Sauron was a highly intelligent being who back in Númenor even had a good-looking body. He had some very Kellhus-like capabilities, which can be seen in how when he was brought to Númenor (home of his long-time enemies) as a prisoner he soon ran the entire place from behind the throne and had made the nation (save for a few holdouts) convert to a religion led by himself. It took direct divine intervention on a world-reshaping scale to get rid of him that time, and the entire Númenor got sunk with him.

Sauron could successfully take the diplomatic route when he needed to, but he preferred to rule by fear. He also was a fan of the Shortest Path.

Sauron had two eyes and a humanoid body (the floating eyeball in the LotR movies is not accurate to the books), but he was represented as an eye on banners and such and even referred that way in speech because of the way he kept everything under surveillance. He had many spies and informants, no need for sleep, and he was constantly using magical scrying. Kellhus will probably still need to sleep, but we'll see if his surveillance society goes far enough to justify the title of the book. view post


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