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Kelhus vs ... posted 21 January 2008 in The Thousandfold ThoughtKelhus vs ... by Israfel, Peralogue

Quote: "Warrior-Poet":3icams9p
The only person that could probably defeat Kellhus, is someone from the Dune series, whether it be the Bene Gesserit, a mentat, Paul Muad'Dib, or one of his various descendants, in a universe where manipulation is everyone's game and nearly everyone is a super genius he would be doomed[/quote:3icams9p]

Kinda agree - I'd only give even odds on Paul Muad'Dib though. The fact that he has the weirding way, the great control (with Voice) and can see into the future(s) just about counteract the dunyain conditioning, analysis and mandate sorcery in my book. Even if the other people in the Dune series were able to resist his manipulation, he'd tear them to pieces with sorcery before they got close. I suppose a Bene Gesserit mother who also possessed the great control might stand a bit of a chance though.

I actually can't think of anyone else I'd send against Kellhus - the whole sorcery being a violation of reality kinda suggests to me that even gods/spirits etc wouldn't stand too much of a chance given Kellhus can adjust to read intention in the smallest of actions (even if some could keep emotion off their face, simple physical action and patterns of behaviour tell him bags), is an absolute master swordsman because he doesn't rely on skill but placing himself in the correct moment (kinda an advanced form of the void from WoT), as well as his ridiculously powerful sorcery.

I'd place something close to even odds if he was jumped, though - by an Aes Sedai/Ashaman who wasted no time for example... view post


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