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Well Scott, you wanted some discussion of your Interviews ;) posted 29 July 2004 in Interviews and ReviewsWell Scott, you wanted some discussion of your Interviews ;) by FuraxVZ, Candidate

Quote: "Aldarion":gbskkwy6
Matt Stover is the author of a couple of authors starring a character named Caine that are known for being quite violent and yet thought-provoking, plus he's written a few Star Wars novels (like Shatterpoint, which I haven't read) and was recently hired to write the novelization to Episode III. He's a character, that's for sure.[/quote:gbskkwy6]

Yeah, interesting what he posted:

I'm not entirely sure what he meant. The use of "modernity" ("the quality of being modern") seems to leave out theoretical junk like socialism being associated with modernism.

I took it to mean either

1) fantasy is essentially a regressive attempt to escape the modern world into one more pleasing, or

2) fantasy is a critique/reflection of our modern world.

In the first sense, he's narrow-minded (i.e. he's obviously never read ME); in the the second, he's merely a pompous windbag.

ALL serious fiction is a critique/reflection of the modern world (modern to the author, anyway).

So, the question is: Is this Stover guy any good? Writing Star Wars novels doesn't seem very . . . glamorous (that's a personal judgement since I think Star Wars is hack fiction anyway, not that I have read him).

He certainly seems full of himself. view post


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