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Logos is theft posted 12 January 2008 in The Warrior ProphetLogos is theft by Mandati Wannabe, Candidate

Quote: "Nerdanel":1xslaz94

The self-moving soul means essentially solipsistic insanity, which is not a positive trait in the real world.[/quote:1xslaz94]

I disagree, I think it means you would be completely in control of yourself. It doesn't necessarily means you close yourself off to anything outside of yourself, merely that you actually THINK of what you are doing, and more importantly, why, before you do it.

The idea of the Dunyain, from my perspective, is that humans are capable of free will, but that what most people view as their own free will is a total illusion. How can you truly call it your own "free will" when you are merely responding, as you have been conditioned to, to events outside your control?

Every one of the people who follow him do so willingly. He doesn't force anyone to do so. view post


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