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"Murderous Children" posted 16 October 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]"Murderous Children" by Israfel, Peralogue

Ok, I'm new here, but just thought I'd offer my two pence here. Apologies if it's a bit presumptive to jump in here...

If it had just been 'murderous child' I would actually have assumed it was Kellhus' child with Esmi, although it could be either, whether they've been trained in the ways of the Dunyain or not - They would have to be convinced of Kellhus' divinity to be of use to him (think Moe-elder and the rest of them being a danger - with Dunyain training they'd be in the same position), and indoctrinating them in his divine nature before they're conditioned would probably impede their conditioning, possibly making conditioning impossible. So I see them as probably limited to only being as competent as Maithenet if they're not to turn on Kellhus. However it turns out though I'm intrigued to see how the author will resolve that issue.

As a side point there, if they have some of the Dunyain ruthlessness, that could be at the heart of any antagonism between the two children, or at least fuel it. Perhaps doubts over Moe junior's parentage might give rise to thoughts from the younger one that Moe's not fit to carry on the mantle, not being a real Anasûrimbor and/or not quite as competent...

I'm not sure I'd agree with Madness that Kellhus will be softened and made wiser by his emotions. Remember that emotions aren't all soft and cuddly... And even people whose emotions are strong can be cold and ruthless in pursuing the goals their emotions dictate. Do you think Kellhus would pass up a greater chance to defeat the No-God by not using his children at all?

I actually incline towards the opinion of Moënghus (elder) - that Kellhus is actually mad, in one way or another. Given Kellhus' difficulties in predicting Cnaiür's actions due to his madness, it would be a way of standing outside the Dunyain's predictive ability while still being deluded into thinking he'd found an expanded Thousandfold Thought including himself as divinely inspired that placed him outside of the Dunyain's predictions and made him something more.

However, I'm definitely with Mysterious and others on the capabilities being fairly close - as has been stated, once freed from Scylvendi traditions Cnaiur's (self-taught) intelligence and perception was astounding, and his reflexes startled Kellhus. So while the Dunyain blood may give the natural child the edge, I'd say Moe jnr isn't going to be very far behind... view post


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