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"Murderous Children" posted 24 September 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]"Murderous Children" by Shell, Peralogue

The "murderous children" caught my eye too, along with the fact that Kellhus and Esmi are still together after 20 years (I really hope Akka shows up slimmer, full head of hair with his trophy wife on arm, take that Esmi!)

First of all, Scott could've wrote "murderous child" and we would be pretty sure that was infant Moe. Obviously children implies more than one with homicidal tendencies - which I find strange as neither Kellhus or Esmi are particularily violent. Perhaps some genetic defect on Kellhus part since we are assuming he is rather inbred? Maybe its a twist and it is neither of these children...

Second, "murderous" implies a certain mindset. We know then that they are not scientists, musicians, merchants, statesmen or lawyers. view post


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