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Is the idea of a "god" inherent in our minds? posted 05 July 2007 in Philosophy DiscussionIs the idea of a "god" inherent in our minds? by avatar_of_existence, Peralogue

Quote: "Tar.Aldarion":18oegj24
Christians, or whoever, will go and say they have a personal relationship with their god, and that is all the evidence they need that he is real(How could he not be if they feel it in their hearts I hear them cry), a god that says that he is the only god to exist... whilst some people of other faiths have the exact same belief that they have a personal relationship with their god and therefore no other god could exist.
Ah my ramblings...

When I say I wouldn't worship a god, I mean I would not worship anything, nothing specific, as with my fellow Alatrists I'm sure. Also, 'god' is a paradox for me. As I said above, It is not possible for something to be a god rather than just a powerful alien, at the most.
This thing that might have created the universe etc, why would that be a "god" to you as opposed to simply an alien, even if that alien exists outside of your universe?
What makes something a god for you and something not a god? How powerful would it have to be?
I'm sure I had a topic in there at some point?[/quote:18oegj24]

You are leaving out the millions of people who do believe that all gods worshipped are one god (an idea that's been growing since the early 1900's), and that would explain how all these people have a personal relationship with 'their' gods. Us and Them is a myth, we are all human beings operating on the same level living on the same ball of water and dirt.
I believe that there are mysteries out there that science will never explain, Paradoxes is the word you used. I believe it takes more to look at the paradoxes in the world straight in the eye than to throw them out the window as 'superstition' which is what I believe you are doing here. You don't worship anything? I say that is impossible. Life itself is worship of existence, your every waking movement is worship. Okay, so worship is not the word you would use, but why not? because Christians use it? then it is true, your beliefs are defined by christianity.
There are mysteries we will never understand (I know this is true for at least my generation and those in the past). Faith is having the courage to accept that. And there are definitely ups and downs to that acceptance, especially when it prohibits science from breaking through (Galileo comes to mind). Still, life is more fun when you're the one in charge, and so if you hear voices in your head and want to call it God, I say, more power to you. view post


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