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Eddings posted 01 July 2007 in Literature DiscussionEddings by Chyndonax, Commoner

Quote: "neongrey":tmcnwn9p
I have a hard time reading Eddings now, but I used to be quite thrilled with his writing. I was younger.

Thing is, I do feel there's one specific area he's pretty good at, that being character interaction. His plots are, by his own admission, standard. The characters themselves are fairly pedestrian. He's a decent world-builder. But the intraction itself is... god help me, entertaining and readable.[/quote:tmcnwn9p]

I feel the same way. Didn't like any of his works except the Belgariad and Mallorean but the characters and their interaction in those two series were awesome. It didn't matter what they did I found them engrossing and entertaining. Some of the best characterization I've read to date.

As for the other criticisms of his work voiced here. Ya, there all true. Still a very enjoyable read just for the characters.

Sorry for reviving a dead thread. Had to lighten the load on my pockets, every little .02 helps. view post


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