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"Murderous Children" posted 31 March 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]"Murderous Children" by Jamara, Auditor

I kind of agree that Esmi's child (or children) would be greater then little Moenghus, but I also agree that not by much. If Kellhus is training both equally, I think Moenghus would be a close second. Though I am not sure exactly what the benefits of having Non-Man ancestry are. However, upon reading this thread so far, I can't help but get the feeling that the over-all unspoken opinion is that Esmi's child is male. Now, I am not speaking from a physical prowess or mental prowess here, but how would the political dynamics between the two children work if Esmi's child is a girl?

We all know that Kellhus will probably try to equalize the sexes, but I think that transformation of biases takes a long time, at least a few generations. I mean, they don't even allow their women to read. Look how long it's taken American culture to come as far as it has. And that is only from allowing women to vote. A couple generations at the least. But definitely more than twenty years. Now the Aspect-Emperor may decree equality, so at least the Lords and Kings would have to outwardly respect his word, but that still makes the political ground very much in favor of Moenghus, whom the vast majority believe to be the first-born male heir of Kellhus. view post


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