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"Murderous Children" posted 28 March 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]"Murderous Children" by Trutu Angotma, Peralogue

Quote: "Buckethead":2qw5q934
a friend of mine theorized that kellhus took esmenet into his bed specifically because she appears to be the most cerebral woman he met in the three seas. if the dunyain are interested in breeding for cerebral purposes then she would be a better choice than anything else offered. of course there is the thought of: own esmenet = own achamian = get the gnosis. and what better way to gain ownership of emsi than to make her pregnant... but then why maintain your marriage twenty years later? we all know loyalty isn't one of kellhus' strong suits.[/quote:2qw5q934]

but for all khellus' dunyain-ness, he does appear to develop feelings for esminet later on in the third book, as he begins to see himself as a prophet. perhaps these feelings could turn into love?
in which case there would definatley be more that two children view post


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