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The Aspect-Emperor posted 25 March 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]The Aspect-Emperor by Madness, Peralogue

I don't really intend for this to be a long post, I just wanted to respond to Curethan's latest post concerning my arguments.

Though I can't recall of which of them your argument exhibits, as it's been awhile since my high school philosophy class, I recall enough to see that your argument wholly embodies one of the fallacies of diversion.

It is very true that my assertions can be interpreted as Curethan has; it is, however, a major misrepresentation of what I'd intended, regardless of the eventual validity of my speculations.

It is true that pre-insight into The Great Ordeal I'd forcibly asserted that the personalties and relationships of the Second Apocalypse would mirror those of the First. The fact that many readers other than myself support the existence of the parallels proves that they are intentional.

Following my read of The Great Ordeal synopsis however, as I've sadly admitted, many of my speculations were flatly disproved; I'd, in fact, almost given up on speculation of Eärwa, intent on resigning myself to solely enjoy the journey of Cû'jara Cinmoi's writing. The fact that I'm writing now indicates how long that notion lasted.

As I've iterated, I believe I now have a better grasp on Cû'jara Cinmoi's direction and mindset. I still, perhaps half-heartedly, assert that the relationships and personalities of the Second Apocalypse will mirror those of the First. My own deterrent to this assertion are the possible motives of Drusas Achamian. As I've written, I'm sorely disappointed that Achamian is apparently so obsessed with the Dûnyain; the only reason for this, as we readers know, is that Esmenet was "stolen" from him.

I am a strong supporter that in Eärwa, as in the real world, the intricate commune of souls determines events. We, as Cû'jara Cinmoi's characters, are all beautiful small pieces of the infinitly large mosaic of life. As Achamian writes and the Dûnyain assert, the world turns on the seemingly small and insignificant events between persons. As the Dûnyain assert the world, on an impossibly large and incomprehensible scale, follows the laws of cause and effect, a soul being one domino of many.

However, to assert that because personalities and relationships are parallels that events will parallel as well is ignorant.

At the end of The Thousandfold Thought, Drusas Achamian and Anasûrimbor Kellhus have been estranged due to a women, Kellhus's wife, in the opening hours of the Second Apocalypse. Again, though anor has provided sufficient evidence to doubt, it is arguable that Cû'jara Cinmoi wrote of Esmenet and Achamian's reunion overlooking Shimeh to instill doubt of the parentage of Esmenet's unborn child.

In the opening hours of the First Apocalypse, which for basis of argument I will assert as when Celmomas II declares the First Ordeal, Seswatha and Celmomas II are estranged due to insinuations of Sharal's adultery. This instilled doubt of Nau-Cayûti's parentage.

Furthermore, we now, as I've said, have many insights into The Great Ordeal provided by the seemingly vague synopsis. Perhaps the emotionally deluged Kellhus and Achamian will be reunited as friends. The relationship between them and Esmenet, as well as their parallels, do not, however, imply that Kellhus and Achamian will be reunited as Kellhus dies in Achamian's lap, beneath the horns of Min-Uroikas and the ramparts of Golgotterath. Neither does it imply that Achamian and Esmenet's child will journey into Golgotterath nor on any quest for the Heron Spear. In fact, the synopsis itself likely disproves that.

I feel my argument turning to rambles here; as well, time is slipping on me as I have to prepare for dinner.

I'll leave you all with a couple points which we need to keep in mind during our Great Ordeal speculations. Once again, as with my original Aspect-Emperor post, I call all fans of the series to speculate on the pages of The Great Ordeal and beyond.

- Cil-Aujas: Cû'jara Cinmoi has written multiple times that he has devious intentions for this supposedly abandoned Nonmen Mansion in the mountains of the Three Seas during the timeframe of The Aspect-Emperor books. I myself have written speculations on either the Consult or Achamian using the Mansion as a base of operations within the Three Seas.

- Ishuäl: The Dûnyain's own mountain fastness. Though used by the Kûniüric High Kings, the fact that in Ihrimsû, the tongue of Injor-Niyas, Ishüal means "Exalted Grotto" and Ishterebinth means "Exalted Stronghold." Leads me to believe that Ishüal may have been part of Injor-Niyas long before it ever belonged to the Norsirai domain.

- Anasûrimbors of the Dûnyain: I've written elsewhere, and I'm surprised that I've read no other speculations, that I believe it very possible Kellhus has siblings and Dûnyain children among the offspring of Ishuäl. Cû'jara Cinmoi has hinted at more Dûnyain, specifically, at least a female, exiting the monastic fastness; perhaps that female is related to, as Mithfânion corrected me, the prodigy Anasûrimbor Kellhus. view post


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