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posted 05 Feb 2004, 07:02 by Voland, Candidate

I haven't read a fantasy book in Swedish since the Belgariad back when I was 13 (12 years ago), for that matter the books I've read in swedish in the last 10-12 years outside school can be counted on one, perhaps two hands. I always try to read in the author's language (when possible), since I believe that you inevitably lose some ideas/humor etc. in the translation :) There is a really good sci & fi bookstore in Stockholm, perhaps they can be persuaded to sell your books :D As for the names, I think I know what you mean. Names like Esmenet differ a great deal from, say, Anasûrimbor Kellhus/Moënghus, Ikurei Xerius & Conphas and Nersei Proyas. The latter do imply a certain loftiness, as you put it. With Kellhus & Moënghus feeling somewhat different. So, imo, it works really well. But I have to put some more thought into it...gotta get to school real soon. :D view post


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