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The Sagas as Foreshadowing? posted 14 March 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Sagas as Foreshadowing? by Madness, Peralogue

As seems to be the usual as of late, I'll not be able to write much of a post at this moment. Neither will I be able to return for much of one tonight after work; as I've written my girlfriend is leaving tommorow for the cottage, and so tonight is my last opportunity to see her. However, I'm hoping that for the rest of the week, I'll be able to bunker down for some writting, following my shifts.

I've taken this opportunity on break once again today to respond quickly to a misconception of my writing. While I don't have much time, I hope I can quash this misinterpretation and allow for a more broad debate of The Aspect-Emperor.

Curethan, I took the time this morning before work to read over both my post and your own, following my initial read of yours. I've no idea really how you've interpreted my writing into a belief that the First Apocalypse will mirror the Second; this could not be any farther from my intent.

I do believe that Cu'jara Cinmoi has written the dreams and The Sagas with the intent of parallels. However, I don't in anyway believe that events will unfold as they did two thousand years prior to The Prince of Nothing.

The Heron Spear is either destroyed or in the hands of the Consult; the Scylvendi could not have kept such a weapon, else it would have been used in the past thousand years. Celmomas II was not a Dunyain nor was he an Aspect-Emperor, if Kellhus's new title proves to have support.

Furthermore, as I must depart and get back to the mundane job of edging shelves and such, I do not support any claim that Seswatha will return. I believe he is dead, though not buried as his heart is used in certain ritual initiations. His spirit may indeed be around, however, I'm more of a believer that Kellhus hypnotized Achamian and removed psychological Mandate blockings regarding the Gnosis. As well, I agree with anor that any reference to Seswatha possessing Achamian is purely metaphor regarding the use of sorcerous power.

Anyhow, I'm sorry to cut it short as I'd love to continue. I'll post again as I can. view post


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