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The Sagas as Foreshadowing? posted 08 March 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Sagas as Foreshadowing? by Madness, Peralogue

Nah worries, anor. Except for minor points, which we drastically differ on, I've no intention of rending your arguments upon my return. Some others, however, won't be so lucky.

Since I have a couple moments once again today before I return to work, and since I've taken a break from apartment hunting, I thought I'd just quickly respond to your postscript.

I don't think Cu'jara Cinmoi intended to portray Seswatha as a malicious entity when writing of Achamian's internment by the Scarlet Spires. I believe he wrote the passages in order to show how exactly the Mandate has safeguarded the Gnosis for two millennia. When one dreams, nigh experiences, nightly acts thousandfold more horrendous than those committed by the Scarlet Spires and knows that even then the Gnosis was not surrendered, how can a Mandati of the current era relinquish their sorcery? As we learn through Achamian's narrative, the Scarlet Spires are mere understudies to the Consult.

As to your question, I do believe that Achamian renounces his School and the Quorum but not it's founder. Once again, as Cu'jara Cinmoi makes quite clear in The Darkness That Comes Before, the Quorums following Seswatha have twisted and skewed the Mandate's goal. view post


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