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Halos about Kellhus' hands? posted 12 February 2007 in Author Q & AHalos about Kellhus' hands? by Madness, Peralogue

I'm glad Warrior-Poet corrected you, Soul, though I've no idea how you confused the Consult for the Mandate.

As for the timeline, I'll just quickly give you the background of my comment as I'm only on break for 15 minutes.

I meant what I wrote to mean exactly that; solely the Inchoroi, or perhaps the Nonmen Aporic sorcerers could be responsible for the Tusk's inscriptions, if at all.

The worship of the Tusk and the chronicles of it take place just before the Breaking of the Gates. The Chronicle of the Tusk ends with the determination of four of The Five Tribes of Men to the east of the Kayarus in Eänna to enter Eärwa.

To translate that to Eärwaen history, the Nonmen had just recently - relative to Nonmen - subdued the remaining Inchoroi and their servants in the depths of Min-Uroikas.

Again, this speculation of Inchoroi writing the Tusk was asserted by posters other than myself. Though I can see vague evidence of it, as I assert in the post linked in my above post, I find nothing conclusive. The main evidence aside from the Tusk's opinion of Nonmen and sorcery, both of which the Inchoroi would have loathed at the time of the Tusk's inscription, is that the four invading tribes of Men used Chorae in their wars against the Nonmen indicating that the Inchoroi and Men had encountered eachother prior to the Breaking of the Gates. view post


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