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Halos about Kellhus' hands? posted 10 February 2007 in Author Q & AHalos about Kellhus' hands? by Madness, Peralogue

Edit: I read this again and I think I should probably put this here.

*Spoilers below*

I'm not sure I agree with you, XGen.

The whole argument of Kellhus's haloed hands is basically just the overall argument of whether Kellhus is really a prophet or not; which is just something I don't believe.

While I don't wholly agree with Harrol's writing that Kellhus is becoming deluded, we do know that Kellhus believes in the haloes, reality or otherwise.

Kellhus looked to the haloes about his hands. "The crimes you've committed, Father ... the sins ... When you learn of the damnation that awaits you, when you come to believe, you will be no different from the Inchoroi.

The above quote, for me, really accentuates the fact that Kellhus not only believes in the haloes but that he believes in the scriptures inscribed on the Tusk or religion and Inrithism as a whole. This is actually something extremely scary especially if the Inchoroi did actually have a hand in writing the Tusk - which you can speculate on [url=]here[/url:g2br8dcn].

However, since I do not believe in the Eärwaen religions - I rather think that the Nonmen commentary on religion especially regarding agencies is likely a more correct explaination - I have another theory on Kellhus's delusion.

I think that Moënghus, who remained Dûnyain despite his expulsion by the Pragma, actually nails it pretty well on the head; that the trial of the world has broken Kellhus.

As we've all read the trilogy, we know that no assertion set down by any faction of Eärwa is absolute as well that all are relative. In this light, I believe wholly that the trial of the world did "break" Kellhus from a Dûnyain point of view, which I maintain Moënghus offers us.

Rather my own assertion reads as follows:

I think that Kellhus leaves the isolation of Ishüal as Dûnyain. He travels south, always south, towards Shimeh and as he becomes more and more immersed in his act as prophet he eventually becomes deluged by emotion.

At the end of The Thousandfold Thought I believe Kellhus truly does love Esmenet. I also believe that he is "more" as he states but not in the way he thinks. An emotional man with Dûnyain training will be "more" than a Dûnyain in an extremely exciting way; which I think we'll experience in The Aspect-Emperor novels. It's not as if we'll lose the cold calculating scrutiny of the Dûnyain either as Ishüal is yet to be unleashed and Cû'jara Cinmoi has hinted at a female Dûnyain walking Eärwa.

I guess just to finish off - I want to have a shower and coffee before the weekend shift - the following are the two most damaging points to Kellhus as an actual Inrithi prophet:

- As Harrol states above Serwë sees the haloes around the skin-spy's hands. This leads me to believe they are a product of delusion and not an actuality.

- I'll refer to Xinemus: Kellhus cannot heal. Perhaps if Kellhus's inferences of sorcery prove correct we may actually see a sorcerer who can create rather than solely destroy but as an Inrithi prophet whom can perform unexplainable miracles, Kellhus fails.

My final words before I go, and I apologize because they are somewhat off topic, a little food for thought.

Perhaps Kellhus already has some biological children; among the Dûnyain offspring of Ishüal. view post


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