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No-God's questions posted 08 February 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtNo-God's questions by Madness, Peralogue

I've always maitained that the Thousandfold Thought was in essence a deeper layer to the probability trance. There are two indicators to me as to it's true nature though they both imply different things.

Firstly, the excerpt from The Thousandfold Thought that coincides with my own belief concerning it's nature:

Kellhus had seen it many times, wandering the labyrinth of possibilities that was the Thousandfold Thought

My assertions of the Thousandfold Thought follow much the same process.

I believe that the Dûnyain lack the proper variables in isolation to achieve their goal of an Unconditioned soul. The sole two of their number to have left Ishüal apprehend so much more reality than the worldborn no matter what circumstance they encounter. Likewise, the sole two Dûnyain to have left Ishüal apprehend the Thousandfold Thought; Moënghus through years and years of Dûnyain meditation, the probability trance, and Kellhus through the conditioned events his father Moënghus sets before him.

To me the Thousandfold Thought is like fate mapped though through logic and reasoning of circumstances; hense Kellhus knows what Moënghus will do before Moënghus himself infers it.

The other possibility, which is likely either part of the above or a more likely contradiction, is that the Thousandfold Thought can shape reality through belief. As Soul has maintained above and elsewhere: what a thousand thousand believe becomes so. This is evident through many excerpts in The Thousandfold Thought glossary, Moënghus's explaination of viramsata, and Kellhus's own grasping of the Thousandfold Thought precisely when a thousand thousand finally believe he truly is a prophet.

Only had a couple minutes before I started cooking some dinner and popped on here to peruse; this caught my attention and I thought I'd make a quick post. The above are just a few thoughts. view post


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