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The Aspect-Emperor posted 07 February 2007 in The Great Ordeal [supposed]The Aspect-Emperor by Madness, Peralogue

They most definitely do have parts to play, U-Boat. As readers of the novels, we know that Mr. Bakker does not write without motive.

Since we do not know the personalities that these characters, Moënghus and Esmenet's and Kellhus's yet unnamed child, will develope in their first 20 years of life we cannot actively speculate on what roles they may play in the twilight before the Second Apocalypse. However, there are things we can infer in order to see a sliver of their future selves.

Firstly, Serwë's child Moënghus. I believe little Moënghus is certainly going to have the more interesting upbringing as well as a contrasting character to that of his unborn sibling. Though Moënghus will be raised by Kellhus and Esmenet as Serwë and Kellhus's child, there is no doubt in my mind concerning who Moënghus's father really is. Despite the ambiguity of Cû'jara Cinmoi's writing I do not doubt that Cnaiür is the father and that Serwë was completely delusional in regards to Kellhus's fathering.

This itself provides some interesting insights to whom Moënghus will become. At the time we, the readers, encounter Cnaiür urs Skiötha of the Scylvendi he has been slowly going insane for thirty years due to his own encounter with the Dûnyain Moënghus. In the two year events of the First Holy War following his second Dûnyain encounter with Kellhus, we witness Cnaiür go very quickly insane. I myself can attest to the hereditary attributes of madness.

Now while Mr. Bakker contests inherent traits of history and custom throughout the novels, I wouldn't doubt if Moënghus does inherit personality traits of both Cnaiür and Serwë. Perhaps Cnaiür's abnormal Scylvendi intelligence or Serwë's vanity. Again, just minute speculations; food for thought.

As well, we have to take into account that the only other man aside from Kellhus who knows Moënghus's true heritage is Cnaiür himself; a living relative even. The Consult may eventually use Cnaiür to get to Kellhus through Moënghus or Cnaiür, the mad aspect he is, may just feel the need to approach Moënghus as a father.

Concerning the younger Moënghus, I believe his eventual actions and personality will be of a darkly sort in Kellhus's new world.

However, as I said, in contrast to the mystery regarding Moënghus's future we have already been provided a glimspe into his sibling's eventuality; Nau-Cayûti.

Most of us have either surmised or read Mr. Bakker's parallels between Kellhus and Celmomas II, Achamian and Seswatha, and Esmenet's unborn child and Nau-Cayûti. If not, I'm a strong believer that these parallels will become more focused in The Aspect-Emperor novels. In this light we have, at least a little, understanding of the unborn child's future.

Whereas most readers are assured that Kellhus is the father of Esmenet's child, I am not. I believe Esmenet and Achamian's reunion on the hilltop over Shimeh is not coincidence, nor the fact that Achamian only notices her childbearing bulge following his return to Shimeh at the end of The Thousandfold Thought. While it is likely that Kellhus is the father, I wholly believe Cû'jara Cinmoi wrote the above scenes with the intent of instilling doubt and providing more attune parallels to the First Apocalypse.

I think it likely that upon Kellhus and Achamian's reunion, Achamian and the unborn child may become fast friends. Perhaps Achamian will return from his sabbatical to Ishterebinth bearing news of doom and at his knees beneath the Warrior-Prophet "holy" Aspect-Emperor throne Kellhus will ask Achamian to teach his son.

Regardless, overall as children reared by Kellhus both Moënghus and his unborn sibling will prove to be the exceptional and heroic individuals we expect them to be and that their generation will need in the hours before the Second Apocalypse. view post


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