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The Inchoroi and the Tusk posted 05 February 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtThe Inchoroi and the Tusk by Madness, Peralogue

Throughout the past week I've been doing research through the Prince of Nothing series, The Thousandfold Thought glossary, and here on the three-seas forums for my rewritten Aspect-Emperor post and a story I've been slowly working on about a Mandate Schoolman c. 3800 Year-of-the-Tusk.

In my perusal of the forums I came across a couple posts which made me curious and so I opted to write this post; perhaps some members can provide me with further evidence then what I can infer myself.

In these posts, many more than one and not all referenced in the same thread, it was asserted that the Inchoroi may be responsible for the scriptures inscribed on the Tusk.

My question then is this:

Is there some blatant evidence of this that I am missing, aside from the allusions of the "God's" view of Nonmen and sorcery, both of which the Inchoroi would have loathed during the time the Tusk was written? view post


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