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Mekeritrig posted 18 January 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by Madness, Peralogue

Last night, prior to anor's post, I had been in the midst of a response to your short post above when I decided that I would wait until you'd posted your actual response. However, Ulyaoth, since you've yet to post - understandably, of course - and since anor has hit upon one of the points I was going to bring up in my unfinished post, I've decided now to post ahead of you and, perhaps, rid your mind of any continuing ignorance.

I agree tenfold with you, Ulyaoth, that it's impossible to speak in absolutes regarding an unreleased piece of writing, especially when the facts that we're left with at the end of TTT are only meant to tantalize. I also agree that the best way for us as readers and speculators to infer the unrevealed future state of the Three Seas is through the removal of implausible theories. However, when a poster such as yourself refuses to disbelieve his own arguments in light of contrary, even more logical, evidence then it makes it hard to do so.

I understand that by rephrasing my question you hoped to discredit my argument. However, all you've accomplished is that now I have to explain myself.

What you, and many other posters before you, need to grasp and incorporate into your speculations is that, to the last, every single one of Cû'jara Cinmoi's human characters are exactly that; human. He's created such an ingenious world, full of so much depth and relevant history, that his characters could do nothing but live. I think it's definitely part of why it's such an entrapping story as Mr. Bakker has basically just taken human life and placed it elsewhere in different circumstances. I know for a fact that the relevant philosophical lining of the PoN is part of what trapped myself. It's inspired me to aspire to writing equally as intriguing and relevant fantasy or science fiction during my lifetime - quite a task.

Throughout the events of the First Holy War we experience many different characters as they work their way through their lives. Each has distinct traits, personalities, habits, and thoughts. They are unique; as we humans are in life.

I cannot count the number of times that through Achamian we've experienced something of Eärwa's past. In fact it's mostly through Achamian, aside from TTT Glossary, that we have any indication of history preceding the First Apocalypse at all; specifically, Nonmen culture.

Now what I meant when I posed the question to you is that not once throughout Achamian's experience do we read of Zeüm; in his words, actions, or thoughts. However, isn't it likely, based on his many words and thoughts, that Achamian have some affinity for Nonmen? Especially ones who, post-disturbance by Achamian's presence and his tale of Three Seas events, would be most adamant in aiding in the destruction of the Consult and Inchoroi. It's even likely that being the ancients they are, Achamian could probably even relate better to the Nonmen than to other humans; aside from the Mandate.

Furthermore, your following points are still ignorant.

As anor has already pointed out not all the Nonmen of Ishterebinth are practicing sorcerers. Despite the transcendentalism of the Nonmen caste system, there are likely even, aside from the Quya, many Ishroi remaining. Again, I'll reiterate your need to read things more carefully. Had you paid heed to one of Mr. Bakker's quotes in my preceeding posts you wouldn't have made this point at all:

The majority of surviving Nonmen, however, dwell in Ishterebinth - stonghold of the ancient Nonmen nation of Injor Niyas - where they struggle to keep the dwindling flame of their ancient civilization alive. Here the Quya and the Siqu masters continue their studies, developing techniques, sorcerous and otherwise, to keep their race sane.

Your second, and perhaps even more ignorant point for one who has again obviously thoroughly read the books, is that the North is untraversable.

Kellhus himself, alongside worldborn men, travelled from Ishuäl to the Three Seas escaping Cet'ingira, though likely Mekeritrig let Kellhus go, and at least a hundred Sranc. True, Kellhus could rely on his preternatural reflexes and intelligence where Achamian cannot, if Ishterebinth is even where he were inclined to go. However, I would think Achamian's sorcery more than a match for Kellhus's initial obstacles of travel; again, aside from Cet'ingira.

My second, and definitely more damaging point, is that there is a route across the Istyuli Plains. Every year, as made known by Leweth, a caravan travels from Galeoth to Atrithau through Sakarpus. If set caravan of Galeoth can survive the circuit, hounded by Sranc as you'd say, then I'm sure Achamian, a sorcerer and experienced spy, could manage equally as fine, at least until Atrithau.

Again, this is not what I believe will happen; just that it's plausible if Achamian were inclined. I only offered Ishterebinth as the most logical and strategic refuge yeilding the most to Achamian knowledge and ally-wise. Of course, I also offer it now as a more intelligent and logical alternative to Zeüm or "the west." view post


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