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Mekeritrig posted 15 January 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by Madness, Peralogue

Ulyaoth, once again, however articulate and, perhaps, intelligent your writing might be, you need to look at the facts more closely. I think a perusal of TTT Glossary would be largely to your benefit in future speculations.

As you have very much incited me to write, I guess I'll just respond to your post chronologically.

I'll start off with thanks for my benefit of your reading. I've found the quote of Kellhus's inference again. It, however upon reading again, does make me a little sceptical of Kellhus's inferring ability and my own speculation of Mekeritrig as captor of Aurang and Aurax.

I regret again my inability to point you in the direction of my The Aspect-Emperor post. You might have benefitted from it and I probably wouldn't be having to write these words once again.

The Cishaurim, Mandate, Imperial Saik, and Scarlet Spires are hardly the culmination of sorcerous power in the Three Seas. TTT Glossary mentions the Circle of Nibel, which is one of the supposed Major Schools in the Three Seas and an entirely unmentioned School throughout the books. Even despite the facts that this implies more unheard of sorcerous factions, and that the Circle of Nibel and the Mysunsai were entirely undamaged in the First Holy War, aside from Skaleteas, I highly doubt the Mandate or the Scarlet Spires will cease hunting Achamian on Kellhus's say-so.

Throughout TTT we experience through Achamian activities and events surrounding the Sacral Retinue. Despite that there are continual claims throughout TTT that the old ways are dead and that there is this new undeniable vulnerability and honesty in the Warrior-Prophet's presence, as Achamian states it collapses into old habits and bigotry's the moment he leaves.

And there were the politics, of course, though they were largely confined to jnanic posturing of the caste-nobles who continually drifted in and out of the Sacral Retinue. All manoeuvring, no matter what its stripe, would instantly collapse into uniform servility whenever Kellhus appeared, and just as quickly leap back into effect when he was departed.

This implies to myself and, I think, Achamian that Kellhus's new world order is not as stable nor honest as it appears.

The Mandate only join the events of the First Holy War at it's end. They do not come though with the intention of servitude. Nautzera, and through him probably the Quorum, continually tell Achamian that their intentions are to possess Kellhus and that he is to be nothing more than a tool of the Mandate.

Once again, I'll reiterate; the Mandate will most likely be among the foremost of Achamian's pursuers, based on the facts that Kellhus's new total servitude and honesty system is false as well as that the Mandate Quorum still think themselves Kellhus's master.

Achamian is alone focused solely on defeating the Consult. Up until the end of TTT Achamian's only other concern in life was Esmenet. Following his renouncing Achamian's only other loyalty was towards Seswatha.

You can write of any other character and they would have personal motives in what they've done and intend to do. Achamian is now the sole character, as was Seswatha, that has no purpose for life other than Consult defeat, as probably Cû'jara Cinmoi intended by the events that have shaped Achamian.

The rest of your rebuttals are almost sheer idiocy.

By refuge in the north, I specifically meant Ishterebinth, and not as you've seem to imply a safe geological zone as the west might be.

Yes, perhaps, and it is likely, there are glamours surrounding Ishterebinth's entrances. However, I do believe if Achamian were inclined he could find the telltale Mark of sorcery surrounding these glamours and that, again if he were inclined, he could reveal to the Nonmen the genesis of events that lead him to seek their aid over other humans. I'm sure even the Nonmen would be apt to listen to a tale involving possible clash with, and possibly even defeat of, their ancient foes once again.

Also, the sole purpose for Achamian's continued education of the Gnosis, is that not only will the Mangaecca have elaborated severely on it themselves, no other sorcery of the Three Seas or elsewhere can compete with the Gnosis.

Finally, I again reiterate my wish that you read or reread TTT Glossary before your continued speculation on The Aspect-Emperor, as the Wathi Doll is the only artifact, that you've named, of witchcraft.

Agonic Collar:

A sorcerous artifact of the Ancient North, reputedly crafted by the Mihtrulic Gnostic School. According to Mandate scholars, the purpose of the Agonic Collar was analogous to that of the Uroborian Circle utilized by the Anagogic Schools of the Three Seas, namely, to inflict excruciating pain on the wearer should he attempt to utter any sorcerous incantation.

Uroborian Circle: A so-called "artifactual Cant" used to prevent the utterance of sorcery and thought to turn on the same aporetic principles that make Chorae possible.

Related to the Aporic and Gnostic schools of sorcery more than to witchcraft, which I believe is Anagogic sorcery anyhow. view post


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