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For people ReReading posted 15 January 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtFor people ReReading by Madness, Peralogue

I was just perusing TTT forum as I'm wont to do throughout a day and while nothing so far incites me to write a lengthy post, your post, Ulyaoth, did at least make me pause in my perusal.

Firstly, your writing; very intelligent and articulate. I respect that. However, the reason for my post, is that aside from articulate writing you unfortantly have a misconception as basis for your speculation.

Moënghus did not transpose himself from the Mansion beneath Kyudea to anywhere.

Despite the ambiguity in Mr. Bakker's writing, even in your so-called definitive definitions of salting, I don't believe that anywhere throughout the books set descriptions contradict Moënghus's salting.

Furthermore, aside from the doubt the above alone instills, Moënghus's salted form is described twice by Mr. Bakker post-salting.

"Not again!" Cnaiür howled at the sagging form. He stumbled to his knees, weeping, raving. "How could you leave me?"

His screech pealed through the derelict halls, filled the very earth.

And he laughed, thinking of the final swazond he would cut into his throat. One last thought too many ... See! See!

He cackled with grief.

He knelt over his lover's corpse - for how many heartbeats, he would never know.

Speculation, though fact for basis is sparse, on the scene with Aurang and the child is probably warranted though. I'm a strong believer that Mr. Bakker does not write scenes without, at least hidden, reason. Usually with his writing I've found consistency upon conclusion. view post


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