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Mekeritrig posted 15 January 2007 in The Thousandfold ThoughtMekeritrig by Madness, Peralogue

Thanks for the praise, anor, whether deserved or not. I suspect the only reasons my posts seem original are that I'm, perhaps, more enamored with the series than most, as well as Warrior-Poet's point that many, more active posters have ceased speculation and only return for updates on The Aspect-Emperor.

However, as long as someone is here to read and, perhaps, contemplate with me, I will continue writing. Not just a little bit for my own selfish pleasure either, as I love to write.

I decided to write this little post in regards to Harrol's unanswerable question and to reiterate anor's final paragraph.

To begin; Mr. Bakker's actual quote:

Many Nonmen wander Earwa and the Three Seas, searching for trauma - which is to say, memories. A few hundred serve Golgotterath. The majority of these are what are called 'Erratics' - Nonmen who've been driven mad by the accumulation of trauma.

The majority of surviving Nonmen, however, dwell in Ishterebinth - stonghold of the ancient Nonmen nation of Injor Niyas - where they struggle to keep the dwindling flame of their ancient civilization alive. Here the Quya and the Siqu masters continue their studies, developing techniques, sorcerous and otherwise, to keep their race sane.

In direct response to Harrol's question, based on Mr. Bakker's words, it seems to me then that the difference between an Erratic and non-Erratic basically comes down to skill, morality of the soul, and sheer willpower.

Though I cannot direct you, at the moment, to my former speculations on Nonmen involvement in future events of the Three Seas, I can reiterate a little of that speculation here.

As I wrote before in my deleted post The Aspect-Emperor, I believe the most plausible, as well as my personal favorite, explantion for Achamian's sorcerous ascendency to Seswatha's parallel in the intervening years until The Aspect-Emperor books, is that he will be the one to intrude on the Nonmen fastness of Ishterebinth.

Again, as I've written before, Achamian has no allies to speak of in the Three Seas. While Achamian is not being hunted by Kellhus's agents, as a wizard he will, post-end of TTT, be desperately avoiding persecution at the hands of the Schools or the Thousand Temples.

Curethan wrote, though in another post:

Seswatha seemed to be highly manipulative and focused on defeating the consult only

At the end of TTT, though not blatantly highly manipulative, Achamian is alone focused solely on defeating the Consult. In the last moments of the First Holy War we, as readers, experience Achamian's final moment of true emotion.

Achamian nodded, wiped the last tear he knew he would ever shed. He would be heartless now. A perfect man.

Esmenet, until that final, tearing moment, had been Achamian's ground, world, and life; the largest and last barrier between himself and the Mandate's goal of Consult defeat.

Therefore, his goal bared and not entirely trusting Kellhus's propositions of war against the Consult, where else can Achamian turn but towards refuge in the north? Especially with the added incentive of studying and elaborating with the original practioners of the Gnosis, the Nonmen; a race of peoples, according to Mr. Bakker, labouring fanatically in their crafts for their very minds and lives.

In my opinion, the only place in the intervening years between TTT and the first book of The Aspect-Emperor for Achamian to gain power and allies, would be Ishterebinth. view post


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