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posted 04 Feb 2004, 23:02 by Cu'jara Cinmoi, Author of Prince of Nothing

Nothing for Scandinavia as of yet. S&S UK actually has Scandinavian rights for English publications. I'll ask my agent about the translation rights - though I thought most of you hyper-educated norsemen preferred reading your fantasy like your philosophy - in the original English! As it stands, the book is being translated into Russian, French, and German. I'm intensely curious to see how these turn out. If you don't mind, Voland, I'm very curious how many of the names strike your ear. English, which is a bastardized, mongrel language if there ever was one, has a curious hierarchy of sound-groups because of its history, with Germanic words (like 'good') at the bottom, French-derived words (like 'superb') in the middle, and Latinate words (like 'excellent') at the top (with Celtic and Scandinavian influences wriggling in from the side). What this means is that native English readers will more readily associate 'earthiness' with those names I derive from Germanic roots, and 'loftiness' with those names I derive from Latinate roots. How do they strike you? view post


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