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Seswatha's dreams. posted 20 December 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSeswatha's dreams. by Madness, Peralogue

Thank ya, Harrol. I wouldn't be surprised if you can tell but I'm excited to read the first book of The Aspect-Emperor as well.

anor, your right in saying that Achamian's sorcerous power at the end of TTT could hardly be compared with Seswatha's. Seswatha was a progidy, sorcerer of rank of the Sohonc at the age of 15, years later becoming Grandmaster. The Sohonc, in my understanding of the original Gnostic Schools of the Ancient North, was the most powerful of the Schools responsible for countless elaborations of the Gnosis; the result of cohesive study with Nonmen Quya.

During the events of the holy war, we learn that Mandate Schoolman stand a head and shoulders above the Anagogic Schoolman of the Three Seas in regards to sorcerous power. We, unfortantly at this point, have no basis for comparison between the Gnosis of the Mandate and the Gnosis of the Mangaecca as throughout the last three centuries skirmishing had ceased between the Mandate and Consult.

Based on the Gnosis alone, and specifically events in which we've witnessed Achamian's latent powers, we can't say he's entirely a failure as a sorcerer. Granted, once again, at the end of TTT Achamian is not Seswatha's parallel. However, we know that their are twenty intervening years between the end of TTT and the beginning of book one of The Aspect-Emperor. There are countless ways, if Achamian were so inclined, that he could become just as powerful, if not more so, than Seswatha by the time we meet again with him in the pages of The-Aspect Emperor. Those of you who've read The Aspect-Emperor thread in this forum know of my speculation on Achamian intruding into the mountain fastnesses of the Nonmen of Ishterebinth, so I'll not repeat myself. My point in the last paragraph of my previous post was just that in the PoN the parallels between Seswatha and Achamian could only be implied. The story that Cû'jara Cinmoi has set out to tell, in my understanding, is exactly that; yet to be told. Obviously, he wanted the PoN story to be told to give us, the reader, an enriching and real background for the true story; The Second Apocalypse.

To finish off before this becomes the darkness that comes before my being late for work I think, based on Seswatha's memories as seen through Mandate dreams, that we will see these parallels in fullness as we read The Aspect-Emperor books and beyond. Achamian as Seswatha, Kellhus as Celmomas II, and Esmenet's yet unborn child, Kellhus's first child, as Nau-Cayûti. view post


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