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Seswatha's dreams. posted 19 December 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtSeswatha's dreams. by Madness, Peralogue

I think most of you are putting too much stock in Achamian's dreams as more than dreams.

We know that the Mandate Schoolman dream of the first apocalypse nightly. It seems throughout this thread and others there is consensus, at least on that. We know that these dreams are the memories of Seswatha, founder of the Mandate, from the eve of the No-God's awakening to the day Anaxophus V wielded the Heron Spear against the No-God at Mengedda.

To my knowledge only the final dream in TTT contradicts it's counterparts throughout the series. Sometimes Mr. Bakker has written different parts of the same dream as Achamian groggily claws towards conciousness at different times throughout the PoN, and so dreams may have seemed contradictory. However, I have found no instances except the above that prove the dreams are changing in fact.

As for the dreams changing in Achamian's perception of them, I will agree to that. Post-torture by the Scarlet Spires, Achamian begins handling the dreams better and better. In the beginning of the series we'd often happen upon Achamian crying out in the middle of the night, waking and weeping sometimes in joy others in sorrow. After the torture, whenever Mr. Bakker allowed us to experience Eärwa through Achamian, he would still wake perhaps, but not so much in his previous anguish.

What I think many of you fail to integrate into your speculation on this last dream and in other speculations, is the realism of Cû'jara Cinmoi's characters. All of the humans in his books are to the end just that; human. Yes, of course, in a different time and a different place. However, each of his characters are distinct; in their characteristics, mannerisms, and personalities. Each has grown from their circumstance, whittled and hewed, into where we enter their lives throughout the books.

I can only imagine Mr. Bakker's sheer amazement and awe as he makes his journey, writing his books. Sure, when one sits down to write, they may have certain events they want told and a basic plan for their piece. However, as we book owners hold the result, when one has a world and characters as real as Cû'jara Cinmoi's, the characters take matters into their own hands. As I'm sure Mr. Bakker would agree, any interim events between what the writer's basic plan was, the small or large things, are written by his characters. Their actions and words, with characters so real, become more their own and less his written word.

Taking that to heart, we return to look on Achamian and his dreams. They are becoming just that; his dreams. Dreams are subconcious thoughts, fears, hurts, loves, emotions as a whole, rearing from the blackness of our soul trying to find form in our sleeping minds. We know that throughout the books Achamian dreams, a handful of times, his own dreams. The one I'm specifically speaking of, though unfortunantly I can't find the passage, is when Achamian dreams of Esmenet and Kellhus. A result of his feelings of betrayal.

Shortly before his last dream of Anaxophus V and the Battleplain, Achamian learns from Cnaiür that Kellhus is not what he seems but rather that he is Dûnyain. He then has the emotional rush of almost winning Esmenet back, though I believe she is too far gone especially now that Kellhus is becoming deluged by emotions, then fighting to save the Holy War from Conphas and Esmenet from the Ciphrang. I can imagine that my normal dreams might be a bit altered after a day like that too, especially when Seswatha's memories, Achamian's dreams, are becoming more parallels to Achamian's day to day life. Perhaps he sees himself as Seswatha and, in that dream, Kellhus as Anaxophus. This is definitly where I conclude that Achamian will not entirely trust Kellhus's promise to war with the Consult, pre-Consult attack in force, based on the dream, which I view there as Achamian's feelings, and based on his new understanding and opinion of Kellhus as Dûnyain.

As for parallels between Achamian and Seswatha, I believe the reason that some of you cannot connect the two yet is that the PoN is an introductory series. The speculation on parallels between Seswatha and Achamian, and Celmomas II and Kellhus is warranted and, I think, the parallels are intentional. Curethan wrote that Seswatha was "highly manipulative and focused on defeating the consult only," in an attempt to disassociate him from Achamian. However, at the end of TTT Achamian has been molded and shaped, sculpted by events into exactly that. He is not the Achamian we were introduced to. Emotional torment and affliction can be just as monumentally changing, if not more so, than physical hurt. If you fail to see the parallels yet then I believe that upon opening the first book of The Aspect-Emperor and slipping into Cû'jara Cinmoi's world anew, you will be convinced beyond a doubt. view post


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