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Anasurimbor Maithanet? posted 09 September 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtAnasurimbor Maithanet? by Madness, Peralogue

I don't really know if people read these posts after all this poker spam though I hope they do because some really interestings questions were posed.

First, to Warrior-Poet, who started this thread.

Isn't Maithanet an Anasuribor as well. Something I find interesting is that everyone seems to think that Kellhus, Moeghus, or Kellhus' children as possible Harbringers and Saviors but everyone seems to forget that Maithanet is Moenghus' son therefore an Anasurimbor.

The thing I find so amazing in The Prince of Nothing trilogy is that Bakker really does answer everything. He left almost no loose ends in the trilogy itself while setting up possible themes and plots for a future series.

To answer your question, Warrior-Poet, Kellhus is the only true Harbringer. Before meeting Moenghus, Kellhus grasps the Thousandfold Thought in The Warrior-Prophet. To my understanding this is just another step in Dunyain principle transfered into the real world. Essentially fate grapsed through The Logos but something to be grapsed increasingly through more probability trances and based on ability. I assume this because of Kellhus's thoughts during his encounter with Moenghus.

His father, Kellhus realized, had finally grasped the principles of this encounter. Moenghus had assumed that his son would be the one requiring instruction. He had not foreseen it as possible, let alone inevitable, that the Thousandfold Thought would outgrow the soul of its incubation - and discard it.

Moenghus being the original and only other Dunyain to travel into the world in two thousand years, he grapsed the Thousandfold Thought first.

Kellhus having grasped more of the Thousand Thought than his father realizes Moenghus will come to believe. Dunyain originally have no belief aside from the Logos as everything is a tool to them. Moenghus, however, having put out his eyes to survive as a Cishaurim, no longer has all of the abilities of a Dunyain.

The crimes you've commited, Father... the sins... When you learn of the damnation that awaits you, when you come to believe, you will be no different from the Inchoroi [who believe themselves damned, and so seek to aid The No-God in destroying existence]. As Dunyain, you will be compelled to master the consequences of your wickness. Like the Consult, you will come to see tyranny in what is holy... And you will war as they war.

Hense, Kellhus kills Moenghus to delay the Second Apocalypse, as he was planning on raging a false-war against Golgotterath in a bid to weaken the forces of good. Therefore, he is not a harbringer based on the Thousandfold Thought.

Bakker also answers your question on Maithanet in The Thousandfold Thought.

"In this world," Moenghus said, "there's nothing more precious than our blood - as you have no doubt surmised. But the children we bear by worldborn [non-Dunyain] women lack the breadth of our abilities. Maithanet is not Dunyain. He could do no more than prepare the way [by declaring a holy war that his half-brother could dominate for his journey]."

So likewise this answers the question of the child of Esmenet and Kellhus or Moenghus's Scylvendi bastard, as they would and will just be more than a man as is Maithanet, but not Dunyain therefore not Harbringer.

I think the next different line of questioning in this post was Edge of Certainty's on Seswatha.

also, isn't it rumored that Anasurimbor Nau-Cayuti was the illegitimate son of Seswatha?

I think you are refering to a passage from The Thousandfold Thought where Esmenet reads The Sagas. During this time she reads "The Kayutiad."

"The Kayutiad," the verse epic of Celmomas's youngest and most glorious son, Nau-Cayuti, where Seswatha was both teacher and surrogate father.

I believe by using the word surrogate Bakker just meant that Seswatha was there for Nau-Cayuti more than Celmomas in the role of friend, teacher, and mentor.

I hope that answered your questions for this thread. view post


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