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Drug Legalization posted 08 July 2004 in Philosophy DiscussionDrug Legalization by Loof, Peralogue

I dont think legalising drugs, (at least not all drugs) would save any money at all. Sure you would save in on prison and court funding, and would probably be able to make a bucket on taxing the stuff. But lots and lots of this money would be eaten up by hopital and therapy bills. Altho while i was typeing this it came to me that America dosn't have goverment sponsored hospitals at least not to the extent I'm used to.
So maybe you could make money out of it, but im sceptical to if it would be "worth it". Now if what you meant was legalice some of the weaker drugs that are illegal now, like marujana you might win me over since they aren't as adictive or hassardous to one's health. But predicting the effects of any drug legalisation is next to imposible, so I remain a sceptic... view post


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