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Will Esmi Cause Mandati/Warrior-Prophet Drama? posted 24 August 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWill Esmi Cause Mandati/Warrior-Prophet Drama? by alhana, Auditor

Maybe that is why I want Esmi to be a better person; I see myself in her. I want to see her make better choices--to be strong enough to overcome her fears of aging and losing her beauty, to not sell herself short just because she start out her life common, to love her True Love (Akka) and not betray him, and to give her yet-born-child a good home despite the chaos around her--because I want to believe that I could make the best choices if I were in her place. She may not be a common slut, but in a sense she is still "selling herself" by staying with Kellhus. This time, her "custom" has purchased not only her body, but her soul and the life of her child for the price of prestige, a false sense of identity, and security. Even though Kellhus freed her from being a prostitute, he is using her none the less. She has power, but only as much power as Kellhus gives to her so she is still his "servant".

Maybe even more, I want to believe that women can be faithful, that we can exercise self-control when it comes to sex. Sex is such a powerful tool and such an extravagant gift and when I see a female character like Esmi squander her "wealth", I fear the power and gift of all women is somehow less than it was before. The value of a good woman is cheapened because we (as a society) say, "Well no one is perfect, we all fail, we all lust, that is just the way it is." When women rely on men to tell them they are "good enough" or to define who they are by their sexual skill, then these women are not truly free.

In the end, I want Esmi to be something more than a whore because I want all women to be something more than the object of a man's affection. I want Esmi to see herself for who she really is, not who the men in her life tell her she is. I want her to be free to love who she really wants to, not just run to the next strong man who will tell her she is worth something. I thought she had that until I began to realize that Kellhus was just the next guy to use her and that Akka loved her for the person she really was. view post


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