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Will Esmi Cause Mandati/Warrior-Prophet Drama? posted 21 August 2006 in The Thousandfold ThoughtWill Esmi Cause Mandati/Warrior-Prophet Drama? by alhana, Auditor

After reading half of TTT, I am beginning to take back all the nice things I said about Esmi previously. I wanted to believe that she was not the object of Bakker's female bashing and I still want to believe that she made the best choice when she chooses to stay with Kellhus, but I am also disappointed in her.

Though she would have died if she had stayed outside of Kellhus' camp, she could have joined Kellhus and Serwe but NOT had sex with them. I know she is a whore and all, but where is the redemption? Even though she has risen in status as Kellhus' advisor/wife/mother of his future children, she continues to act the whore....never faithful. As a professional of human behavior, I tried to excuse her actions because of her own incestual upbringing and her wicked father and the on-going trauma of her life. But even then, I couldn't. I could say that she was simply a victim of a very powerful man (Kellhus seems to make everyone like him until they are enlightened) and many many people have been enticed by Kellhus' ammorality. But even as she begins to realize that Akka is not weak, that Kellhus' is just using her as he does with everyone, and that adornation and devotion are not the as as unconditional romantic love, she still stays with Kellhus instead of returning to Akka. I suppose that just like others, by the time she perceives Kellhus' true intentions, she can't leave.

I still believe that Bakker is not bashing on women but rather Esmi is just one part of the story. She is a whore and she remains unfaithful because that is the role in the story she must play. Without weakness, we are not truly human and without our sins, there is no grace. I am hoping that in 20 years she redeems herself. view post


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