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War in Lebanon posted 09 August 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionWar in Lebanon by alhana, Auditor

I am not an expert on Middle-Eastern Politics, but I think that the US backed Israel just as much, if not more than England did in creating a Jewish State.

Additionally, England's colonization had almost nothing to do with the current condition of Middle-Eastern politics. This place has a blood freud that pre-dates the times of Jesus Christ, before England was even a country.....or the US....or really of the "so called" super powers of the UN today. The land that Palastine and Israel and Iraq and Iran all sit on have been in conflicts and struggles since almost the beginning of written history.

There are also factions of the "religious right" in the US who believe that it is the "god-given" responsibility of the US to back Israel as they believe that it is written in Scripture that the US will be involved in Armagedon. In essence, many present day Christians (meaning both Catholics and Protestants) believe that at the end of the world a country from the West (most today think this will be the US) will be involved in a God Ordained Battle of the Ages. It is laughable at best that the UN or anyone thinks that any kind of "Western intervention" will settle this age old dispute, though many believe the West SHOULD be involved for religious and scriptural reasons.

I personally believe that it is not for me to worry about. Whether or not the US is involved, there will be war in the Middle East until the people who live there are tired of fighting. view post


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