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What would you say are the must-reads of literature? posted 04 August 2006 in Literature DiscussionWhat would you say are the must-reads of literature? by alhana, Auditor

I believe that C.S. Lewis's Narnia books were written for his step-son Douglas, who ended up backing the Disney release of the movie last Christmas. They were indeed aimed at children, but they endure as loved by adults as well. U.S. children might have some difficulty as a good portion of the books have references to words and phrases used in the UK.

Tolkien, on the other hand, is very complex story. The Hobbit is the easiest of all to read, but all of them still have detailed discourses and poems and other elements that might be a little challenging for some students younger than 14. When one begins to study the other books of history and lanuages that Tolkien used in his work, there is a much broader base of information to read and disseminate. Again, I believe that Tolkien appeals to readers of all ages and can be enjoyed over and over as one learns about the world that he created.

It strikes me that few books written today are both appealing to children and adults. The closest thing I have seen would be Rawling's Harry Potter series. While a lot of folks have ranckled that her writing is too simple and her series is not to be taken seriously by adults, I disagree. I have read all 6 of her books along with my young reader and after Book 4 Goblet of Fire, the series became decidedly more mature. Like Lewis, her books are aimed at young readers, but have elementals of grief and lose and falling in love and overcoming great challenges that appeals to adults. The best thing that has come out of this series is that kids are engrossed in a really good book and are reading again. The last two summers that she released books, the hospitals in certain neighborhoods in England reported almost a 100% drop in "kid" related ER visits the weekends before and after her book was released! The kids were all inside reading!!!!! Not exactly "hard evidence" but it does seem that a good book can still transport even the minds of a generation that has grown up on Ninetendo and Xbox. view post


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