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Kellhus, Achamiam, and Emotion posted 31 July 2006 in The Warrior ProphetKellhus, Achamiam, and Emotion by alhana, Auditor

I know I am posting about an old topic here, but, I am not sure that "sociopath" is the way I would describe Kellhus. By your defination, even Martin Luther, William Wallace, and Martin Luther King would all be "sociopaths". All of them stood against the rules and "morals" of their socities at the time they rallied supporters about them to make significant social changes.

I think, after finishing WP and waiting for TTT (it better come tomorrow!), I think that Kellhus stands outside of the society in which he finds himself. He was not born into the world of Conphas and Proyas and Akka and Esmi. He is not WORLD born, he is from a society that secluded itself from the rest of Earwe. Though I have a theory about what TTT will reveal, I believe that he is human but, as it was stated before, he has been conditioned and genetically engineered through selective breeding and cultivated from the womb to stand outside of all else and see The Darkness and The Logos and to walk where it leads him. Those who follow their destiny and their visions rarely appear sane; it is only after their life's work is measured against their vision that the rest of the world can see that they followed a path of brillance. view post


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