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AMERICAN POLITICS... posted 27 July 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionAMERICAN POLITICS... by alhana, Auditor

Huzzah for ressurecting old posts!!

I am an independant voter. I have never registered with any political party because 1) in BFE it is completely pointless to be anything other than a Donkey or an Elephant 2) the party system is broken and was never intended to "run" the government of the US. I vote any and all canidates I chose regardless of political party. If I am anything, I am conservative liberal or a liberal conservative; I am a moderate who wants her Constitution to be free from political bull shit and party mucky muck. I am a deeply spiritual person but I find that the "religious issues" focus on all the wrong issues ie, right-to-life folks usually support the death penality and but not the quality of life of the baby they save. People who want to "save families from abuse" do not support a living wage or giving people real life skills rather than handouts.

These are difficult times to vote the decisions that effect not only our futures and the futures of our children, but also the future of the global village where we all reside. view post


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