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The Hangover Whinge: Why oh Why? + A Misery Poll posted 26 June 2006 in Off-Topic DiscussionThe Hangover Whinge: Why oh Why? + A Misery Poll by alhana, Auditor

I will have to agree that tequila is the most vile. It must be something in the cactus they brew. I have heard however, that most of the tequile north of the border is also not very pure and maybe that accounts for all of us "los nortes" getting so violently ill.

I personally get very sick on any gin drinks, not the barf kind of sick but the instant headache sick due to being allegeric to juniper.

Other than that, yes.....mixing liqueors is very very wretched. So is not eating anything all day or being dehydrated before drinking spirits. Many of my females friends and I will avoid consuming calories before going out drinking thinking that we can fend off the dreaded "beer belly" only to find that our self-imposed-temporary-anorexia actually makes us sicker in the morning. view post


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