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Chapters? posted 30 June 2004 in Tour and Signing InformationChapters? by Damaen, Candidate

lol i remember the tour. I was happily awaiting your signng/reading in the vancouver area but it was canceled. I think i actually spoke to one of your handlers in Calgary when you were there who, coincidentally, didnt intimidate easily ;]

I did catch your radio interview, tho. I was tired so it went a little over my head, but at least i have the knowledge that the person writing one of my favorite series is at or above my intelectual level and not, say, Madonna pretending to be a writer. When customers ask for her books i cry. I try leaving them beside the Chronicles of Narnia but so far its Lowest Common Denominator 3 - Psuedo-Christian Dogma 0.

Feel free to come to vancouver again, tho, and in place of a signature you can feel free to overview TTT - take all the time you need.

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