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posted 03 Feb 2004, 17:02 by delavagus, Commoner

I realize that many consider this heresy, but fantasy (= modern fantasy as we understand the genre) doesn't require magic in order to be fantasy; it only requires "otherness." The real power of fantasy lies in its ability to closely explore the big questions of our world by, pardoxically, pulling away from our world and its "welter of associations" (to use a Bakker-esque phrase). The question is how far do you pull: Tolkein far or Guy Gavriel Kay far? Both write/wrote fantasy. The world of AL-RASSAN bears far greater resemblance to our world than Middle-Earth does, but ultimately even Middle-Earth functions through its echoing and re-echoing of histories and mythologies that are entirely "real." But then, I _have_ to believe that a fantasy novel without magic is still a fantasy novel -- after all, I've just finished writing one! view post


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