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wotmania Interview with Scott posted 27 June 2004 in Interviews and Reviewswotmania Interview with Scott by Aldarion, Sorcerer-of-Rank

That it might, although some of these questions are just an extension of what I asked him at the Nashville book signing last week. Of the other interviews I've conducted with authors, I must say that this one "clicked" the most, maybe because we got to meet in person before beginning the interview process. Probably helps a lot in terms of the flow of conversation. But to be fair, email interviews are probably the hardest type of interview that an author can do, seeing as pre-prepared questions can really put a crimp into the direction the author and interviewer might want to go with it. What you're reading is actually something like five or six email exchanges that later were edited by Scott and I before being posted. I think that plays a huge role in making an interview "presentable."

But this is just only the perspective of the interviewer. Hopefully Scott will reply back with his perspective. I just know I had a blast doing this and would love to do another in the future. view post


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