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About the books posted 03 Feb 2004, 16:02 by Thadal, Commoner

Hello. As the author's brother I can tell you that with this trilogy you will be taken on quite a ride. The first book establishes, the second and third are pure story driven action and intellectual intrigue. I'm incrediably proud of my brother for what he's created and how hard he's worked. That this website has been established just reienforces my long held belief that one day R. Scott Bakker will be known as, not only a great writer, but a great man. The work he'll do in the coming years will prove that. I have to laugh you know. You guys are probably a lot like me after all. The awe. The sheer sense of awe my brother creates in these books. You tasted it in the Darkness. You'll feast on it the prophet and the thousand fold thought. This trilogy and the projects planned after it... too. Heh. Just keep reading guys. You have no idea what's in store. :idea: Bryan view post


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