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Now Reading... posted 27 June 2004 in Off-Topic DiscussionNow Reading... by Loof, Peralogue

Just finished Irvine's first series myself. Can't quite make up my mind about it, maybe i will have to let it sink in for a bit. But i can list what i liked and didn't like about it.

What I Liked:
The world he has built up is interesting and well thought out.
He avoids painting his characters in black and white. And they feel pretty belivable.
The overall plot is good but nothing exceptional.

What I disliked:
I think the two things I dislike about the series might actualy be two sides of the same coin. The first one is that I felt that the plot moved very slowly at times and alot of the books could have been cut to make a more streamlined whole. But I think the reason I feel this is that the main characters are not ivolved in shapeing the plot, but are simply tugged along in the torrent of great events so to speak. So the whole series has the feeling of being fated to happen which makes me lose interest and thus makes the plot feel like its moving slowly.

Hmm that sounded rather negative, so to finish on a more positive note i will say that I definetly don't regret reading the series and will probably pick upp his second one at some point in the future. I hope this was of some help. view post


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