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Eddings posted 19 March 2006 in Literature DiscussionEddings by Randal, Auditor

Sophie on the Westeros forum:

I read an Eddings book once. From what I recall, the book can be summed up thus: "Reformed thief achieves nirvana after having sex with his cat".
It was called 'The Redemption of Althalus". I don't think 'Althalus' was the cat.

I've read a few of Eddings books a long time ago (okay, not that long a time ago really) and they were quite funny and entertaining. But the writing itself isn't that good, nor is the characterisation and the plots repeat themselves. Nowadays I would never spend time on an Eddings book, nor will I ever re-read one.

As for worldbuilding... well, let's just say that Eddings' non-fiction book on this subject was rates amongst the most hiliarious things I've ever read... unintentionally. It's so contrived it becomes silly.

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