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Drugs posted 16 March 2006 in Philosophy DiscussionDrugs by gierra, Sorcerer-of-Rank

sokar: i really think it depends on the person. my brain moves insanely fast normally. i'll have a zillion thoughts at once, and end up feeling as though i've missed something important. pot slows down my thought process, making it easier to catch each individual thought and being able to ponder it for at least a moment. back in high school i was, um, a class clown, sorta. my art teacher knew i cam to class most days high as a kite, but she didn;t mind because those days were the ones where i just sat quietly and did my work.

drugs are not bad, it's how some people react to them. i know some people who can;t stand pot, it makes them nervous and paranoid, etc. i've really never had that feeling tho. i've done a hell of a lot of acid too, back when it was easier to find than pot. some people would have terrible trips and freak out, but that is something that never happened to me. i always knew what was going on and was always in control. some people can;t handle that, and they shouldn;t do drugs. view post


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